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Global Learning, Real Results
By Ducere Global Business School on April 20, 2024


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DEI Insights from the 2024 LA Business Journal Awards
By Ducere Global Business School on April 5, 2024

The LA Business Journal's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awards recently brought together nominees and attendees for a series of inspiring panel discussions. Ducere Global Business...

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Ducere, Higher Education

Let's talk about you and an industry projected to grow to USD $376.32 billion by 2029
By Ducere Global Business School on July 8, 2022

Hear from Alex, one of Ducere’s MBA students. Hacked. The nightmare for anyone is business. Sadly, cybercrime, security breaches, and targeted hacks are on the rise and affecting nearly...

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Degree, Education, Entrepreneur, working student

I have so much experience already, why should I get a degree?
By Ducere Global Business School on June 9, 2022

Over the past two decades, the percent of U.S. citizens with a bachelor's degree increased by nearly 20%. The standardization of higher education has not only drastically transformed the...

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Higher Education, Work, Career

Your Dream Career, One Degree Away
By Ducere Global Business School on April 6, 2022

If you are pursuing an advanced degree in business, you likely have an idea of what you would like to do with it down the line. Most people consider a business degree to get a promotion or...

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MBA, Student, Women

A time to shine
By Ducere Global Business School on February 1, 2022

After 30 years of putting off higher education, Shendelle Harrison finally realised that it was time to challenge herself for a better future. When we called Shendelle Harrison for this...

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Entrepreneur, Start-up

How to Start or Launch Your Business While in School
By Ducere Global Business School on January 15, 2022

For many adult students, jumping back into school can be inspiring. Most people have a pretty clear vision for what they would like to see out of their education, and in today’s world, it’s...

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Philanthropy, Social Enterprise, Ducere Foundation

Meet Di Fleming AM
By Ducere Global Business School on November 24, 2021

Meet Di Fleming AM, Ducere’s Chair, Foundation Executive Director and Head of University Engagement for Ducere Global Business School. “Education has always been central to my life,” Di...

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succeed in business

How to Succeed in Business When It’s Not Your Background
By Ducere Global Business School on October 23, 2021

Before Tim Westergren created Pandora at the age of 35, he was a nanny and part-time composer. Music was what he really loved, so it was during his time composing that the idea of the...

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Networking, career advancement, promotion

Networking Your Way To The Top
By Ducere Global Business School on October 12, 2021

As we emerge from more than 18 months of shutdown, the working world grapples with the persisting loss of the post-pandemic economy. Business closures and unemployment were at historical...

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