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The Hon. Ms Julia Gillard

By Ducere Global Business School on August, 7 2015
Ducere Global Business School

Last week, Ducere's Chancellor, The Hon Ms. Julia Gillard, presented at two events supported by Ducere. Wednesday's event was hosted by Arnold Bloch Leibler and The Young Business Forum. The very next day, Ms. Gillard presented at Ducere's own event, supported by AmCham; with proceeds going to help The Ducere Foundation.

The Hon. Ms. Julia Gillard Presents at Ducere Event

On Wednesday night, Ms. Gillard discussed her coveted career in politics and some of the moments that changed the course of Australia's future.

She also discussed her amazement at the level of recognition she received following her misogyny speech. Around the world, people who were unaware of Australian politics suddenly knew her and the words she had spoken in Parliament. She commented that she had, "No idea the speech was going viral outside the chamber".

At Ducere, we are passionate about leadership. Students studying our Diploma, Bachelor's and MBA programs are exposed to lessons from real world leaders. Our Chancellor, Ms. Gillard has a wealth of knowledge on this topic that our students can learn from.

For the ambitious young audience that had gathered, Ms. Gillard, gave some words of advice for anyone considering a career in politics. She recommended "putting the devices away" and taking some time out to really think. She also reflected on the notion of resilience, describing it as a muscle which can only be developed through an assiduous attitude towards hard work.

Ducere would like to thank our industry partners for the helping to coordinate the events and YBF for providing the photos.

By Ryan Thompson.
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