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How to Succeed in Business When It’s Not Your Background
By Ducere Global Business School on October 23, 2021

Before Tim Westergren created Pandora at the age of 35, he was a nanny and part-time composer. Music was what he really loved, so it was during his time composing that the idea of the...

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Networking, career advancement, promotion

Networking Your Way To The Top
By Ducere Global Business School on October 12, 2021

As we emerge from more than 18 months of shutdown, the working world grapples with the persisting loss of the post-pandemic economy. Business closures and unemployment were at historical...

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Ducere MBA Student Turns COVID-19 and Business Shutdown Into Era of Professional Growth
By Ducere Global Business School on September 22, 2021

During the pandemic, Michael Pettyjohn took the opportunity to finish his degree by enrolling in Ducere Global Business School

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Applied Learning, Working Parent, Working Adult

How to Talk to Your Family or Boss About Going Back to School
By Ducere Global Business School on September 15, 2021

Making the decision to return to school after a period of time spent out in the workforce is highly empowering, yet nerve-wracking. While you might understand how a new degree and more...

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Women, Working Mum

Full-time Businesswoman, Mother and Grandmother Reaches Her Goal of Obtaining an MBA With Ducere Global Business School
By Ducere Global Business School on September 9, 2021

Kimberly Arnold-Robinson finally checks an MBA off her bucket list without compromising her family and career values

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Quiz: Which Business Degree is Right for You?
By Ducere Global Business School on September 1, 2021

As adults, our careers have been shaped by experiences--both good and bad--as well as visions for the future.

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career advancement, working student, work-life balance, Working Parent, Working Mum

How to Manage Work, School, and Family as an Adult Learner
By Ducere Global Business School on August 19, 2021

When we are young, we often imagine a version of ourselves that can have it all. As we get older, however, we start to understand some of our limitations and the amount of work that truly...

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Women, sports executive

San Diego Strike Force President and Ducere MBA student Vivian Lin shares her story of learning, storytelling, and leadership
By Ducere Global Business School on August 14, 2021

When Vivian Lin was a little girl, her mom told her, “when you fall in love with learning, you will fall in love with life.” She instilled in Lin the idea that no matter what she faced in...

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Online Education, Remote work

As the world opens back up, take your virtual classroom with you
By Ducere Global Business School on August 3, 2021

After more than a year of social distancing due to COVID-19, much of the world returns to pre-pandemic normal including schools and universities that plan to open their classrooms to...

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Global Faculty, Mat Jacobson, Online Education

Adapting to change: Negotiating a changing environment in the information age
By Ducere Global Business School on June 25, 2021

The ability to adapt and embrace change is a trait that sets Ducere founder Mat Jacobson apart from his peers. With a background that started in law, then moved through industries such as...

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