Global Faculty, Jeanne Pratt, Robert Kaplan

Jeanne Pratt and Robert Kaplan join the Global Leaders Faculty

By Ducere Global Business School on October, 29 2013
Ducere Global Business School

Ducere Centre of Management welcomes Jeanne Pratt, co-chairperson, Visy Industries and Harvard's Professor Robert Kaplan to its Global Leaders Faculty; officially becoming faculty members of the online tertiary learning institution last week.

Pratt’s experience as a philanthropist and business leader will form an integral part of the Ducere course curriculum: with students learning through a real-life case study methodology from some of the best leaders and businesspeople in the world.

Pratt joins the likes of John Howard, Lindsay Fox, Desmond Tutu, Margaret Jackson, Tim Fischer, Mo Ibrahim, David Copperfield, and many more globally-recognised CEOs, political leaders, scientists and humanitarians, whose case-study videos make up the course content for the tertiary business diplomas.

Ducere Founder Mathew Jacobson said: “Jeanne Pratt is an incredible addition, and we are more than thrilled to welcome her to the Ducere Global Leaders Faculty.”

Established 35 years ago, the Pratt Foundation is now one of the largest private sources of philanthropy in Australia, and in 2013 Jeanne was named Victorian Woman of the Year for her work with charitable causes.

Credited with raising more than five hundred million dollars for charities in Australia and abroad, Pratt, along with husband Richard established the Pratt Foundation with the vision of helping a wide range of people in the community.

Pratt joins the Ducere Global Leaders Faculty to share her knowledge and experience gained from over 35 years in business.

“It’s an honour to work with someone who hails from an organisation that shares so many of our own business values,” he said.

“We know Ms. Pratt is excited to be part of an organisation that focuses on giving back to communities, while promoting a culture of learning through leadership, and we are equally grateful to her for giving her time to be a part of it.”

Also joining the Faculty this month is Harvard Business School’s Professor Robert Kaplan.

Kaplan’s business and banking career spans more than thirty years, including senior leadership roles at one of the world’s most influential investment groups, Goldman Sachs, as well as currently holding several senior administration roles at Harvard including as Martin Marshall Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration.

“It’s been quite a coup for us to land Professor Kaplan as one of our faculty. He is going to bring incredible insight and real-life experience to our students’ learning,” said Jacobson.

Kaplan has said that it is important for people to define their own success and realise their own goals. He also says that it is essential for people to be able to properly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to progress their personal and professional beliefs.

The shared experiences, success, knowledge and insights from Ducere’s newest faculty members provides students with exclusive video content, to help them learn from the best.

Founder Mat Jacobson was also invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative in New York at the end of September, welcoming Mr. Kaplan to the Global Leaders Faculty at the same time.

“Welcoming Ms. Pratt and Professor Kaplan to our team means we can continue toward our goal of offering a diverse and talented faculty. This exceptional group of people sets us apart from any other business school in the world. Our students learn not just the theory, but also directly from the world’s best. We are truly redefining tertiary education,” Jacobson said.


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