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Online education set to grow its market share

By Ducere Global Business School on December, 16 2014
Ducere Global Business School

Ducere’s faculty member and Telstra’s chief scientist, Dr Hugh Bradlow was last week interviewed by The Australian during the ADC Forum, where the group launched a taskforce aimed at strengthening the ties between tertiary education and business.
In the interview, Dr Bradlow discussed the reality traditional educational offerings are facing with fierce competition from online providers more able to meet students needs.

Dr Bradlow pointed to the significant benefits online education offers its students, namely the ability to share engaging content such as video and also their flexibility, given many students are increasingly seeing face-to-face education as a “nuisance”.

Further to Dr Bradlow’s assertion, an additional strength the online space has over face-to-face education, is its nimble nature to put research into innovative education solutions for its students, without having to fork out significant funding that is spent on the physical structures to house learning.

For the traditional education avenues to fully prepare for the future, a greater shift toward online as opposed to face-to-face is needed.

As a leader in online education, Ducere remains in a solid position to be an alternative choice for students seeking education that fits in with their lives.


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