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John Howard joins Ducere Global Leaders Faculty

By Ducere Global Business School on June, 27 2013
Ducere Global Business School

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard joins elite education faculty at Ducere.
Joining inaugural faculty members; billionaire Lindsay Fox, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize winner Professor Dan Shechtman and former President of Botswana, HE Sir Quett Masire, Mr Howard becomes the latest addition to the impressive line up of talent in Ducere’s tertiary education arm.

An all-new online education organisation, Ducere offers students the chance to learn from some of the world’s most influential and successful leaders, and earn a qualification in Business or Management, through an award winning eLearning platform.

Similar to Harvard’s education model, Ducere provides its education programs in leadership, management and social innovation through a real-life case study methodology, delivered by proven frontrunners in these fields.

Ducere Founder, entrepreneur Mathew Jacobson said the induction of Mr Howard to the Global Leaders Faculty is an exciting opportunity, adding another facet to the organisation’s tertiary course offering.

“We are elated to invite Mr Howard to join the Ducere Faculty. His legacy and unparalleled leadership experience on a local level lends another fantastic element to our courses, providing students with unprecedented access to insights from this internationally renowned leader.”

Surpassing the boundaries of traditional tertiary education and embracing new education technologies, Ducere encourages practical skills and offers students the ability to learn on the move, and log on from anywhere in the world, with a course syllabus delivered by verified leaders in the fields of business and leadership.

Ducere was built with the mind of a multinational organisation, and the soul of a not-for-profit. The fees from Ducere courses fully fund the philanthropic activities of the Ducere Foundation and its projects, to provide aid and education to children in Africa.

Jacobson said: “Ducere evolved through the philosophy of philanthro-capitalism. Comprised of two arms including a tertiary learning corporation and Foundation, the organisation not only offers students the opportunity to learn from world leaders, but a platform to contribute to much needed social change.”

The Ducere Global Leaders Faculty is comprised of many successful and inspirational leaders and businesspeople including Presidents, Prime Minsters, Nobel Prize winners, Attorneys General, University Chancellors and CEOs; proven experts in a variety of fields.*

Members of the Faculty present case studies on topics that specifically align with their area of expertise; providing students with invaluable insights into the world of business and social change.

“The Ducere education model allows students to learn from successful and inspirational world leaders, giving them an edge in the job hunt, expanding on their existing skillset and offering them real life examples to apply to their career,” Jacobson said.

Along with Jacobson, the Ducere board is made up of investment mogul Josh Liberman of LJCB Investment Group; and one of the nation’s best networkers and Chairman of the Australian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Leon Kempler, united through a combined passion for education, philanthropy, fostering relationships and creating opportunities.

Jacobson’s experience in online education stems from a multi-million dollar education online business he created, and sold successfully in 2010. Servicing most of Australia’s blue chip firms, Origin Human Resources was the leading provider of online education in the financial services sector.

Harnessing the experience and knowledge gained through this venture has provided Jacobson the ideal background to launch another eLearning platform in Ducere.


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