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How to Start or Launch Your Business While in School

By Ducere Global Business School on January, 15 2022
Ducere Global Business School

For many adult students, jumping back into school can be inspiring. Most people have a pretty clear vision for what they would like to see out of their education, and in today’s world, it’s no surprise that a lot of students want to create their very own start-up. Start-up culture is contagious, and when you’re learning about what you need to get started, it is completely normal to want to dive right in. Fortunately, at Ducere Global Business School, we make it easy for you to get your business up and running while you earn your degree.

What We Offer

So many students fear entrepreneurship because they don’t think that they can balance their time. Pursuing a degree takes a lot of work, so it makes sense why some people would be worried about their ability to juggle both. However, at Ducere, we make sure that you have the time to start or grow your business.

To support these efforts, our focus is entirely on helping you to practically apply your knowledge. While other schools focus on exams and predetermined projects, Ducere was made to be adaptable enough to support adult learners who want to leave school with a degree and, for those interested in entrepreneurship, a growing business too. Our team of educators and top Global Leaders Faculty are here to help support our students as they pursue their goals.

Rather than forcing students to work on hypothetical projects, we provide a space for students to practically apply what they are learning to their business goals. By focusing on real-world application of your learnings, you are able to truly understand and utilize what we teach you, making it easy for you to retain information more effectively and benefit from it immediately.

“I was able to leverage the learning immediately by applying the theory with three businesses I created throughout the course,” Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship student Zachary Dexter, says. Dexter now works as the CEO and co-founder of nFlow.


How We Benefit You

Starting a business and running a business are two processes that take a lot of effort. At Ducere, we put an emphasis on making sure that you don’t have to go through it alone. Our staff, which is composed of a long list of business professionals, are more than equipped to help you define, launch, and maintain your start-up regardless of industry.

While countless other entrepreneurs face their unique challenges alone, we foster an environment where you are not expected to. Our commitment to helping you practically apply your knowledge to specific business goals makes it possible for you to take a supported step towards entrepreneurship in a more comfortable way.

Not only do we provide you with experts, but we offer assignments and degree programs that are meant to be applied in real-time. Our adaptive programs empower you to use what you learn and directly apply it to the work that you are pursuing. By doing this, we enable you to test and apply information and learn from any mistakes. If you need help discussing a goal or the practical application of your knowledge for your business, our mentors are there to help.

Your Role

Becoming an entrepreneur is something that used to be rare and difficult, but more people are taking on this challenge every day. At Ducere, our goal is to support your business goals with effective guidance. While you learn from our courses, you will consider how you can use the knowledge we provide to help your start-up find success quickly and effectively.

As a student, we expect you to dream big and make a business plan that supports what you want out of your life. We are happy to play a role in helping you to learn what you need to so that you can create a business that thrives. By learning and asking questions, we believe that our students can find what they need to so that they can craft the future that they want to see. As long as you put in the hard work and remain focused on your goal, we are happy to help you find success regardless of what that looks like.


Being a start-up founder is an achievable dream for anyone, and we like to think that we give our students a little extra at Ducere. When you study with us, we hope that you will remember to use the resources that we offer in order to get your business up and running. You can start and manage a business while studying with us, and we actively encourage students to do exactly that. A solid education and powerful mentors can help you to reach your business goals sooner rather than later.


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