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Ducere welcomes honourable African guests at AAIC cocktail event

By Ducere Global Business School on September, 5 2013
Ducere Global Business School


Ducere hosted a cocktail party this week celebrating the opening of this year’s Africa-Australia Infrastructure Conference (AAIC). As a proud sponsor of the AAIC, Ducere welcomed many international guests from as far as Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Senegal and Nigeria to launch its tertiary learning programs in Africa.

Ducere Foundation Chair and President of the Australia Africa Business Council (Vic) Di Fleming opened the evening by welcoming esteemed guests and giving some background on the AAIC and Ducere’s involvement, before an exultant announcement that Ducere Chairman Leon Kempler has been made patron of the Australia Africa Business Council, a very exciting coup.

Leon’s address focused on the exciting activities of both the Ducere organisation and the Ducere Foundation. Resoundingly passionate about both, he relayed why Africa is in our minds, and the opportunities to encourage learning and leadership in Australia and Africa, through Ducere.

Guests were introduced to Ducere via the viewing of a video, showcasing the faculty members and their thoughts on topics including creativity, innovation, integrity and taking risks, and the importance of these attributes in a leader.

Leon explained how each faculty member at Ducere is dedicated to building bonds with Australia and Africa, a sentiment mirrored in the AAIC, and one that is sure to grow in years to come.


Great minds video


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