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An update from the Clinton Global Initiative

By Ducere Global Business School on September, 26 2013
Ducere Global Business School

"Today was the first day of CGI which started out with a discussion from President Clinton, Bono, COO of Facebook and the head of the IMF. There was an excellent and sometimes heated debate about how to best foster collective action to address global problems.

I met with President Bill Clinton who was, as expected incredibly charismatic and engaging. I also discussed Ducere with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as inviting onto our faculty the global head of the World Health Organisation.

I had a brief chat with Julia Gillard at the end of the day about our work as well. A successful day of networking to say the least!

The CGI forum is incredibly valuable as in the past any conferences I have attended have just been talk without much follow up. The purpose of CGI is fundamentally around collaboration and publicising committed actions to achieve globally positive outcomes.

Ducere has committed through the Clinton Global Organisation to distribute 1 million books across African nations through the Ducere Publishing House over the next year. Exciting times ahead.”

Mat Jacobson – Founder of Ducere sharing his thoughts and updates from the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.


Obama_ClintonCGI           MatJacobson_Ducere_HillaryClinton

Above: (L) President Clinton and President Obama (R) Mat meets Hillary Clinton.

MatJacobson_DucereattendsClinton Global Initiative
#CGI2013 Opening Plenary with President Bill Clinton, IMF Chair Christine Lagarde, Ducere Faculty member Mo Ibrahim, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Bono.
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