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A huge milestone for Ducere

By Ducere Global Business School on February, 11 2016
Ducere Global Business School

Sunday 4 February 2016 represented a huge milestone for Ducere as we graduated the first class of our groundbreaking MBA program!

Two years after we began our partnership with the University of Canberra and 12 months after launching the course we now have 26 MBA graduates positioned to be great leaders in their chosen pathways.

This means 80% of the inaugural cohort have graduated within 12 months and we are on track for 95% graduation of the first class by the end of this year. Many of these graduates have already achieved promotions or new job opportunities that they relate directly to their MBA studies.

Our graduate survey will formally collate this information and we look forward to sharing the data with you all soon.

Some key highlights of the last 12 months we can already share are:

  • 26 out of 33 students have graduated within 12 months
  • Over 100 students have now enrolled in the program across 3 intakes
  • Student teams have completed 30 four-month industry projects with major organisations across the corporate, for-purpose and public sectors, including with amazing organisations - including Save-the-Children, Infoxchange, Volunteers Victoria, NAB, KPMG, Telstra, PwC, SEEK, Linfox, Maddocks, Federal Treasury and the Department for Education and Training
  • This equates to students contributing a total of 120 months or 10 years of consultancy work that is already having a real impact and contributing to the Australian economy - a major innovation in higher ed!
  • Delivered 6 full day student events held across 3 capital cities, with incredible speakers including Julia Gillard, Lisa Paul, Jan Owen, Daniel Flynn and more, hosted by KPMG, Telstra, PwC and NAB
  • Student feedback remains over 90% positive on academic and non-academic support

This is a huge achievement and testament to the amazing work of the Dūcere team, but also a major success for every single person right across Dūcere, all of whom have collectively contributed to our ability to develop and deliver this life changing experience. Not everybody within Dūcere gets the opportunity to interact directly with our students but it is these outcomes that justify all the hard work and it is with great pleasure that I can pass on the thanks of our students to you all as well.

Here are some of these highlights from the MBA program:

Our first intake of 2016 gets started on Monday and we will now begin building our alumni network that we look forward to growing across the globe!


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